What is «Merecumbé» actually?

Primarily it’s got a certain ring to it - as a word as well as as a song: It is the title of Johnny Colon’s 60s hit, which came into new fame after the release of the same title by Los Titanes (2001) and, again, after the acid-jazz version by Iván Cáceres y su Bongolandia (2003). Derivation of the word: It’s simply a compound of the words 'Merengue’ and 'Cumbia’, both Latin-American music and dance styles.

Other versions / sources: Célia Cruz: „Mi Merecumbé“; Los Melodicos: „El Merecumbé“ [Clásicos de Oro de los Melodicos]; Raul Malo: „Bailare (el Merecumbé)“, Los Titanes “Merecumbé” [Salsa Magic, 2001]

The fact that this song is one of my all-time favourites already reveals a lot about me – Sandro aka «Merecumbé»: The massive basses have something ‘down-to-earth’ about them (I was raised among farms and cows in Appenzell, Switzerland). The vocals are simple but insistent (I don’t give in easily – but I also ration my time and energy carefully). The trombone sections express a wide range of emotions (I like that) and the percussion solo is chameleonic, at times a bit jaunty and vibrates with energy (friends call me a ‘live wire’). Those who’d like to further elaborate the interpretation: Knock yourselves out!

Generally speaking, it’s everything that’s helped to shape my life, all that still accompanies me on my path and is precious to me is included in this simple word: All dear people, who support me and with whom I got the honour to work with are «Merecumbé» to me – the rhythm of pulsating life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!